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 Lady D's Slave Papers

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Lady D

Lady D's Slave Papers Empty
PostSubject: Lady D's Slave Papers   Lady D's Slave Papers EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 2:53 pm

Name: Lady DeSade, or D

Race/Species: Black New Zealand Rabbit anthro

Age: Late 20's/early 30's

Height: 4'6''

Weight: Sturdy

Fur Color/Markings: Black fur. Multiple scars over shoulders/back from the whip. Rubbed bare areas on wrists/ankles. Scattered surgical scars, most prominent on abdomen.

Description: D is a masochistic slave, happiest when she can hurt for someone's pleasure. She has extensive knowledge on all aspects of BDSM, and can teach others when asked. Mild to moderate injuries are acceptable, as long as they are easily repaired by one of the house's doctors. Don't do any "Magical healing" either, it detracts from the MedFet. Have a question about...anything? Don't hesitate to ask.

Slave Type: House slave specializing in pleasing the most sadistic customers.
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Lady D's Slave Papers
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