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 Slave Papers Guide

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Slave Papers Guide Empty
PostSubject: Slave Papers Guide   Slave Papers Guide EmptyWed May 18, 2011 10:56 pm

Please post your slave's information here.

Include AT LEAST, but not limited to, the following.

Sub-Species: (If Applicable)
Body Type (Feral/Anthro/Taur/Other):
Languages Spoken:
Threat Level:
0-harmless 1-Passive 2-Mortal 3-Skilled Mortal 4-Low Magic 5-High Magic 6-Immortal 7-Deity
Price - Rental:___ , Purchase (if applicable):___

Travel Limitations:
Place of Capture/Purchase:
Slave Type: (Auction, Pens, House Slave)
Known Relatives:
Recorded Incidents:
Allowances (For Rentals):
Special Notes:

Description/Post Example:

Starlight Escape is not to be held responsible for any harm that may come to patrons as result of actions performed by slaves. By entering the Caverns of the Bound, you agree and accept all risk involved with the environment therein. Guards/Handlers are to be notified before attempting to interact with slaves outside of the pens. Rented slaves are to be paid for the duration of the rental prior to removal of the pens. Time kept past the allocated duration is to be paid back at 1.5x rate with 2x purchase price should the slave be lost or killed during the rental. If payment cannot be provided within three days of the end of the rental period, the renter agrees to the risk of being enslaved in the place of or along with the original slave. Damage remaining on the slaves at the time of their return will be added as a separate charge in order to cover the medical care of the slave along with the time that the slave is taken off of the market during the process. Untrained slaves are not to be taken to the upper portion of the Isle. Magical alterations to the slaves must be reversed prior to their return or the cost of the reversion will be added as a separate charge. The patron is to be held accountable for all laws broken by the slave within the duration of the rental. Starlight Escape reserves the right to end rental periods prematurely at will.

Please note, house slaves have to be approved by staff.
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Slave Papers Guide
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