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 Shy's slave papers

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Shy's slave papers Empty
PostSubject: Shy's slave papers   Shy's slave papers EmptyFri Sep 16, 2011 2:57 pm

Name: Shyba Dusk
Race/Species: Panther
Sub-Species: (If Applicable) none
Age: (Apparent Age, True Age, or Both) 21 though she is not quite sure if she is older
Height: five foot even
Weight: 110
Fur Color/Markings: Black fur, light dark grey markings, Golden eyes
Description: Shyba or Shy as she is called has been trained from the early age of five to be a pleasure slave for female's only, Her traing has included what the pleasure points are and how to use them t give the utmost pleasure and relaxation to her owners. She is also able to cook fine meals as well as mix drinks for the upper crust as it were. Shy is a gentle and loveing slave, that will always obay her Mistress, no matter what and is the hight of what a sub should be. The kitten is the perfect pet for snuggleing, naughty play and companoinship.

Slave Type: (Auction, Pens, House Slave) House slave/pet
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Shy's slave papers
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