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 Valian James Slave Papers

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Basic Information

Full Name: Valian James

Nickname: Beastie

Name on Identification: Valian

Age: ?? (Adult)

Gender: Depends on choice of form.

Species: Mixture of many species. Feral monstrocity with snake, horse, panther, and gryphon mixed together.

Sub Species/Breed: Depends on his/her mood.

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Large(feral 4 legged), petite(female), average(male)

Physical Details (Hair/Eyes/Skin/Etc):
A rather intimidating figure in feral form, explanation in desc. As a female, she is a very beautiful pantheress, dark furred, golden eyed, the usual.

Physical Markings:
Old Whip lascerations that even his regeneration can't seem to quite replace.

Physical Drawbacks: Stuck on four legs in feral form, unable to stand on two in feral form. Weak in female form (due to limiting physiology), Average strength in male form.

Current Inflictions:
None, heals rapidly.

Physical Defenses:
Scorpion tail, snake tail, fangs, claws, hooves, weight.

Appealing Attributes and Attraction:
Very dangerous looking. Perhaps if interest in large ferals? Good 'guard dog.' Of course, with the ability her master has given him via an interesting scientific device, he can become
a she, or a furre, or several other interesting forms. Bisexuality included!


Other Items on Person: (Or would be if not in cages.)

Depends on the form.

Feral or Cultured:
A bit of both.

Bright lights, mind games, torture, death.

In furre form, various vices, including jealousy. In feral form, usually none unless driven to the brink.

Feelings towards being owned/rented:

Overall Attitude:
Pleasant, easily made shy.

Filled with much fear.

Eating, sleeping.

High or Low Maintenance:

Whole food pyramid.


Languages Spoken:
Feral, furre.

Can they Read/Write:

Can your character produce magic:

Fast Regeneration, poison immunity, poison attacks.

Slave training that has been greatly diminished with time.


Previous Owners: (If known.)
Currently owned by Maxx Adris.

Previous Usage:
Sex Slave, House Slave, Guard Dog, Medical Experiments.

Previous status:

For Rent or to Own:
House Pet!

OOC Info/Notes


What are you looking for in a slave/slaver Roleplay:
Fun, excitement! Valian aims to please, after all.

What are your allowances for your character:
Almost all kinks allowed, but death is not one. Limb removal is allowed, but regeneration will handle most non fatal removal.

Long Term/Short Term:
Long Term preferred, but short term as due to the nature of being a house pet.

General Information

Character Description(Old/Beast Form):
This creature is from a mad scientist's wet dream. Whether it was born of magic, science, or a demented god's fancy is unknown, but there is one thing that the creature's body screams: danger. A panther's head holds a sickeningly dark intelligence. The front limbs, talons of a hawk, the back, hooves of a stallion. A snake somehow affixed as a tail to this beast, side by side with a giant scorpion's stinger, both dripping with venom. There is no question what this creature was made to do. And after years of mistreatment, whatever mind inside has deteriorated enough to enjoy that purpose quite well.


Images: http://tinyurl.com/ValianJamesRef

Contact Details:
Message in game or on here if you want to know how to contact me.

Notes: Owned by Maxx Adris!
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Valian James Slave Papers
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