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 Arena ~Rules and Match Logs~

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PostSubject: Arena ~Rules and Match Logs~   Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:11 pm

Our arena is a free-form RP setup based on dice rolls.

Dice roll meanings:
1~ Auto-fail/Fumble (possibility of hitting yourself)
2-5~ Miss
6-9~ Hit
10~ Critical damage (possibility of K/O)

You may also roll for blocking, if you wish, but consider it more of a institutional rule based on how you want to RP, not a necessity as is the rolling for a hit.

Below are Logs of matches. If you list a match, include whether it was a dice-less match, spar, fight, or death-match in the title area.

Dice-less Matches: Contestants may participate in dice-less, free-form matches if they like, but must both agree to before the match starts, and the result whether god modding occurs or not is on the contestants. These matches can be done anywhere, and can be bet upon and announced they they are not considered official fights.

Sparring Matches: This is for training or testing of strength between contestants.

Fighting Matches: Official matches in the arena to be bet on and announced.

Death Matches: Official matches in the arena, where the loser dies.


Sparring Match ~ Evelyn Mandermore and Guan Midnight

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Arena ~Rules and Match Logs~
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