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 Luxato: Surviving Panther of the Soul

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CB ~ Guard

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Luxato: Surviving Panther of the Soul Empty
PostSubject: Luxato: Surviving Panther of the Soul   Luxato: Surviving Panther of the Soul EmptyThu May 19, 2011 1:21 am

An oddly golden striped black panther from a forgotten land. One of the few remaining survivors of his strange marked race which was drove to near extinction during a raid on his village. Left with a terrible scar in both body and mind, he barely escaped with his life and managed to carve out a life fighting for money starting at a very young age.

Underneath a black fedora with contrasting white pinstripes, was close to shoulder length black hair, which had just a touch lighter tint than his fur. Fairly muscled, though just enough to be eye pleasing, assuming you could catch a glimpse of his form through the hood-less cloak and pants beneath that.

A master of staff fighting, as well as blades. A combination of blacksmith and pyrotechnic with the abilities to forge weapons as well as small bombs and 'distraction' tools. His most unique ability however would most certainly be the power to unlock the energy embedded in his immortal soul, allowing him strength and speed at insurmountable levels, at a cost of his self control however, should he do so for too long.

Now employed at the starlight escape as a security head by his adoptive sisters, a far cry more peaceful to his old living style.
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Luxato: Surviving Panther of the Soul
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