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 February 2013 ~ Cupid's Arrow

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February 2013 ~ Cupid's Arrow Empty
PostSubject: February 2013 ~ Cupid's Arrow   February 2013 ~ Cupid's Arrow EmptySun Feb 03, 2013 12:58 am

Please Note:
This forum is to log information for easy reference. The RP itself is meant to be done in furcadia. Please feel free to check this page for updates beginning of each week!

Azure Serail will be setting the plot and role playing out major details in the beginning days of the week.
Later in the week, the minor details and important roles will be decided by the players as the plot unfurls!

Week 1: Feb.3
A strange thing had begun to occur on the Isle Serail, unbeknownst to staff, patrons, and even the mistress of the isle who seemingly knew everything had no knowledge of the changes occurring within the thick stone below. The water had begun getting a strange pinkish tint, unnoticeable but to the best of eyes. The water all over the isle in sinks, streams, and baths had begun infected and, judging by the slow increase of the water's color change it had been infected for at least a week and anyone exposed to the water is at risk of infection, even so much as a drop.
In addition, several of the staff and patrons have begun showing strange symptoms. Clumsiness and blurred vision, Jittery twitches and shivers, and 'giddy', 'exciteable', or similar strange behavior has been displayed from several people and the symptoms seem to be getting worse slowly.

Anyone who has come into contact with any form of running water is now infected.
This includes the lake, streams, sinks, bath houses, showers and so forth.

Those currently infected should begin to feel certain symptoms. The more water exposure you have had to the waters of Isle Serail no matter whether ingested or absorbed into the skin/scale, the faster and stronger the symptoms will develop.
~Infected beings will begin to feel somewhat woozy, vision blurring slightly.
~There is no amount of sickness to the stomach, or any sort of pain in the body or mind but temperature is raised and it is similar to a fever-dream.
~Pleasant tingles and chills through fur, flesh and scale.
~*Frisky Kitty*~
A new drink has been brought to the bar known as the Frisky Kitty, causing lust to rise and other such effects.
Those who are already infected and drink the Frisky Kitty will begin to feel their symptoms stronger and faster than normal, though the effects of the Frisky Kitty are temporary on both infected and non-infected peoples.

Those infected who have been abusing the Frisky Kitty may be having longer lasting effects, and might even kick the infection up to the next level. (Symptoms will be posted Friday instead of Monday.)
Strange illness has been traced back to the water. Whether it has to be ingested remains unclear.

Week 2: Feb.10
It seems there is something in the water! The pink tint that perhaps only a few had noticed was now obvious as the water began to change color. The boat ride that had been planned to be released on Valentine's day now lays useless in the lake as the staff scurries to try and find the source of the water's impurity, all the while trying desperately to fight the symptoms of what is being called the Cupid's Arrow sickness; mostly due to the strange pleasure tingles and increased libido. Those in their second week of infection are now finding it increasingly difficult to resist the urges of the sickness, and hidden desires are being exposed.
It has been found that the illness is of magical/herbal variety, and despite several tests and attempts, a cure has not been found. The water is being tested but because of the mixed origins of the sickness, it is hard to find exactly what caused it. It is now known that the water can infect you by touch or taste and that even magical healing does nothing but temporarily allieve the symptoms.

Week 2 Symptoms:
~Continued blurry vision
~Pleasant tingles become much stronger pleasure waves
~Lust is on the rise
~Questionable decisions are now being made, akin to being drunk

~*Frisky Kitty*~
Those who have been drinking the Frisky Kitty and those under unique circumstances will start to feel the following.
~Continued blurred vision
~More potent sex-drive and lust
~Drunk feeling, addled mind and balance loss
~If someone has a crush or feelings for a person, they are magnified

Week 3: Feb.17
With lust and libido getting hard to resist, it has become even more challenging to find the cause and cure for the strange illness. Books are stacked all over the main bar as the more knowledged staff searches for any magical, herbal, or otherwise means that could cause what is being called the Cupid's Arrow. After much tireless research nothing was found and hope was beginning to be lost. However as Un-Named Soul decided to show off the secret of his Frisky Kitty Azure found what might be the cause in the strange flower used to make it; Ishtar's Tulips.
As research is being done on these flowers, Azure Serail has been urging those at the bar to search for the strange flowers all over the isle. She has even announced that the irrigation room will be opened to the public this week so that all can try to help her find a cure!
In addition, Azure has been using her strange emotion-magic conversion to burn off the excess lust when she is around. The woman would be seen giving off a strong glow all over her body as part of the burn-off, and those in her presence would experience far less debilitating and easier to manage symptoms allowing them to effectively work on finding a cure. This effect wears off soon after leaving her presence as the lust rises again.

Week 3 Symptoms:
~Drastically increased libido
~Decreased inhibitions
~Chills and tingles have now turned to a complete body buzz, the slightest touch causes pleasure; obviously making it harder to resist the lust

The irrigation room is now open. Azure has given the announcement that staff should find the cause of the infection. The entrance is in the waterfall corner of the bath house!
Once explored, it was quickly found why Azure wanted the others to look into the irrigation room. The Northeastern wall had been infested with strange lilac vines, flowers the same color as the infected water were growing into the main source of all the water for the isle! The flowers had been releasing pollen into the water, tainting it with strange magical effects! Azure is looking into finding out what's on the other side of the wall, but so far attempts to remove the vines have proven futile at best.

Week 4: Feb.24
It seems what lie on the other side of the wall was a crystal cave, the crystal focusing the magic of the island. The Ishtar Tulips Un-named Soul had been using for the Frisky Kitty had been warped by the magic, creating a rarity from an already rare flower. This giant manifestation of magical plant resulted in the legendary Ishtar's Lotus, which had then grown through the walls and into the water supply. Since the plant has been found, steps have been taken to seal the flower. A cure for the sickness has been found, administered by Un-named Soul at the convenience of those infected, and the same cure was injected into the lotus to temporarily cure the water until a way to seal the indestructable magical plant so it could do no more harm.

Week 4 Symptoms:
For those still infected, the curse does not get much worse.
~Increased laziness
~Slight disorientation though blurry vision is coming back

If left un-cured the sickness would eventually cause internal damage, and turn a person into a lust-crazed monster. (The term does not refer to physical changes, just mental.)

Thanks for joining us this month, please remember the flower has yet to be sealed and any mages are to whisper Azuere if they are interested in helping to tie-up loose ends of this plot!

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February 2013 ~ Cupid's Arrow Empty
PostSubject: Re: February 2013 ~ Cupid's Arrow   February 2013 ~ Cupid's Arrow EmptySun Feb 03, 2013 3:11 pm

Participating Players:
(Those wishing to join may do so without being on the list, but please ask AzureSerail in-game to add you so we can keep track of who all is involved!)

Maxx Adris
Sytai Toren
Miss Vodka
D'jar Aquia
Jax Shadow
Crimson Night
The Memory Thief
Karvo Kion
Un-Named Soul
Victoria Vesperia
Toby Lee
Black Heart of the fallen Shadows
Azure Serail
Alistair Knightley
Sharpay Die
Guan Midnight
Alora Brennan

*The Exposure column denotes length of exposure time. Newly exposed means no current symptoms. Symptoms develop 3 days after exposure.
**Please note the only people 'immune' are those whose characters are unable to be affected such as golems, some undead, impervious to magical/poisonious effects and so forth.
SP denotes special circumstances, such as the illness mutating in some fashion.
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February 2013 ~ Cupid's Arrow
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