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 Viymese's slave papers.

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Viymese's slave papers. Empty
PostSubject: Viymese's slave papers.   Viymese's slave papers. EmptyTue Mar 26, 2013 1:07 am

Name: Viymese (No last or middle.)
Race/Species: Feline
Sub-Species: Norwegian Forest Cat
Age: Apparent:19 True: 20
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Fur Color/Markings: Tortoiseshell color pattern. White belly, lower muzzle, under arms, inner thighs, and lower half of tail.

Description: A tall Norwegian Forest cat stands before you, his fur neatly trimmed short for the spring and summer weather. He wears a black Trench Coat over a white tee, and a pair of dark blue Jeans. He normally carries a pair of marching Cymbals on his back, a small bag that sags just underneath the Cymbals, and a deck of cards on his person.

Skills: Has a good grasp of how to maintain and keep a Kitchen and herb garden. Mushrooms are pretty striaght forward, seems to enjoy going around in the caves and sniffing them.
He has had teaching to use the cymbals for their intended purpose but finds they work better as hats, bowls, or shields than instruments.
Plays chess and checkers with moderate skill.

Notes: Slave is particularly aware of Musks, pheromones, and other smells.
This heightened sensitivity to smells makes him more susceptible to being consumed by a rut, heat, and being lead by the nose.
Seems be extremely curious and very prone to bordome, has been found to leave bits of woven grass, random drawings in the dirt or condensation on glass, and has been found to come up with extremely fantastical stories when given time to ramble.

Slave Type: House Slave, hopefully tends to the gardens among other things.

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Viymese's slave papers.
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