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 Main Staff List

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PostSubject: Main Staff List   Main Staff List EmptyThu May 19, 2011 12:25 am

Azure Serail - Owner

Simaru - Head of Staff

Terrorize - Staff Trainer/Teacher

Moynelle - Head of OOC

~Resident Artists~

~Patch Artists~
Indigo Nightfall

Darvon Mitsumura


Venice Egon - Head of Security

Mystery Girl

~Personal Relations~
Naiya Sanam - Head of Personal Relations


Starlight Escape Tavern:


~Escorts and Pets~


~Spa Personnel~
Leonardo Winter


Toxic Tear


Caverns of the Bound:

Maxx Adris - Head of the Caverns

Manda Mouse





~Arena Personnel~
Baulder - Head of Arena Personnel


Nocturnal Coyote

~Un-Owned Slaves~
Lady DeSade - Head of Un-Owned Slaves

~Harem Slaves~

Arboreal Isles:

None yet...
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Main Staff List Empty
PostSubject: Re: Main Staff List   Main Staff List EmptyThu Jan 09, 2014 6:51 am

Thanks for your interest! There are a few things you should know about getting hired at Isle Serail'i!

Our hiring process is a 2-3 week trial.
Basically we have new hires work IC and hang out OOC so that staff can get to know you and we can see how often you are on. Then at the end of the trial if there are no problems then you will get share.Remember, a staff meeting will be held to review at week's end, so if you are rude to staff or patrons, inactive, or cause drama you will likely not get hired.
Share will be given once you have finished the Commands Class, which can be done during or after your trial. See the Calender for classes, and impromptu classes can be planned, contact Terrorize in game.

What positions are we hiring?
IC POSITIONS: We are seeking anyone who can actively role-play and bring in new people! I would like to have several people to staff each shop and area, and large groups staffing the main areas such as bar, pens, and arena. No matter your RP style or preference, there is likely a job for you!
OOC POSITIONS: We are also hiring those who are willing to provide high quality patches, locals, portraits, and code for free or a low price.*
*Please note that the owner is very picky about her dream, and has the right to ask for or make little changes, to fit the dream.
For extensive information about various positions and what is expected of them, please take a look at our
Staff Handbook!

To become a trial hire, please fill out the following form and whisper it to Simaru in-game.

  • What is the name you are applying with?
  • Which position are you applying for?
  • What do you think will make you good at this job?
  • Are you open minded and friendly with people?
  • Are you good with large groups of people?
  • For IC: please include an example post, and what is your usual post style/length?
  • For OOC: please include an example of your patching, art, code, etc; or what you think will make you good at your job?
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Main Staff List
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